Not Getting SMS Texts
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I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max that has suddenly stopped receiving SMS messages, though I can still send them. My husband has an iPhone 12 Pro Max on the same account that is able to send/receive SMS messages without issue.

I have tried the following without it resolving anything:

-Placing into airplane mode for at least a minute before turning it back off

-Turning just cellular data off and back on

-Turning off iMessage for at least a minute before turning it back on

-Turning off Send as SMS, MMS Messaging, and Group Messaging then turning back on

-Making sure any sort of message filtering is turned off

-Rebooting the phone

-Resetting network settings

If I log into Verizon Messages on my desktop, I can see the SMS messages there.

I'm receiving iMessages without issue and asked my husband to turn it off and send an SMS. I did not receive the SMS on the phone, but did through Verizon Messages.

I did have a similar issue a couple of times on my iPhone 12 Pro Max before I upgraded to the 14 and was able to fix it by reseating the SIM card but I'm not familiar enough with eSIMs to know if there is something similar I can try with the 14.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Re: Not Getting SMS Texts
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Not getting any group messages either, went to local “dealer” store and they said nothing they can do, have to goto a “corporate” store I think because that’s where I bought it from. Poor store management, seeings they are closer they would’ve likely gained a customer but not now. Ugghh none of my group chats work that we’re working previously on my iPhone 12 Pro…. Please help if you find anything out. 

Re: Not Getting SMS Texts
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RGL2020, please respond to the Private Note sent. Thank you.