Not getting phone calls or text when on wifi

HI I AM HAVING THIS PROBLEM NOW except huge plot twist... Try and figure this one out…..

im the only one in my house that isn’t getting calls and texts (everyone else’s is working fine) , it doesn’t happen with every single call or text but most of them. It happens about 9/10 times with calls and about 4/10 times with texts BUT the issue with my texts isn’t so much that I never receive the message, that’s only happened a few times , the issue is that the texts take waaaay too long to deliver (about 15ish minutes) but again, it’s not all texts . It’s mostly all of my calls and some texts.

this started for me about 2 weeks ago. RIGHT after we got a new router and hooked it up. There’s more issues too. When on a phone call with someone, the connection is constantly dropped and I’ll get a “poor connection” notification on my Mac, and then sometimes it’ll just completely drop and disconnect. Other times , people just can’t hear me.

what’s also weird, is that this is only happening with my incoming calls . I’m usually able to make outgoing calls and if not, it’ll just say call failed and I’ll keep trying until it goes through.Another issue, is when those calls are coming through and I’m not getting them, people are telling me that they’ll leave a voicemail or even a lot of the time , people have said they couldn’t leave me a voicemail. Like my voicemail wasn’t set up or something ? But it most definitely is… and then the people who do leave me voicemails, I don’t get notified of this. At all. Until I later have a little red “1” on my calls and then I’ll see the voicemail , waaaay after the fact.

when they put the new router in , they told us something like we had like 500 something speed and now we have 900 speed . K well the speed is the exact same and our connection is weaker and/ or not working. my dad works from home sometimes. When he does, he works in our office room for the day and attends zoom meetings throughout the day. The router is in that office room and when he has the zoom calls , his laptop is literally RIGHT next to the router. Literally . They’re practically touching that’s how close he is to it. Well, he’s having really bad connection when he has his zoom calls, which he never ever did before with our old router but now , he’s having constant problems.

I’m mentioning this because it seems as though MY bedroom is the problem area. It always has been and it’s only gotten increasingly worse with this new router. For some reason , I just have always had poor connection in my room. Idk why. I’m assuming it’s because it’s the farthest spot from the router , but it’s really not. Technically I guess you could say it is but if you saw from inside my house, you would not think that and it wouldn’t make any sense bc I’m not even far from it. Like I said , my room has always had bad connection , so back a year or two ago , I bought a WiFi extender to hopefully fix or help that issue. Well, the WiFi extender always has worked perfectly fine and it’s in the halfway point between my room and the router and it it’s done NOTHING. it’s basically just like an extra wifi we have but the connection and speed is the exact same so it doesn’t even matter. Nonetheless, I’ve kept it plugged into the wall and on ever since I bought it. I don’t believe it’s a bad product or brand, I don’t think it’s their fault at all. I think it’s purely just my wifi.

now, yesterday morning , I got a phone call when I was inside my room but that was the ONLY one I’ve gotten. The rest have not gone through , except ironically last night when I had my dad try and call me twice and those calls went through , of course. My wifi connection is NO BETTER WHATSOEVER since we got this new router . It’s not better or stronger or faster. It is no different . If anything , it’s worse . And NOW , add on allll these other problems we’re having that make no sense at all. We already tried fixing this last weekend. My dad called Verizon and somehow they “knew exactly what to do” and “fixed” the problem right away. Like within minutes, remotely. Or excuse me, they SAID they fixed the problem. But didn’t. At all. I hav no idea what they did or thought they were doing but they did nothing . And this is so beyond frustrating because I’m not even a huge phone user . I barely EVER make phone calls, but wouldn’t you know , right now would be the one time that I have extremely important and serious matters to take care of and I’ve been needing multiple people to call me and this is the only time I’ve really needed this stuff to be working properly and of course , it isn’t . Nothing makes sense . We’ve tried to figure it out and even what the solution seemed to be here , in this chat, still doesn’t make any sense because it’s only MY phone having these issues , yet my dads bad connection during zoom calls is what’s really throwing it off. I’ve had zoom calls ,as well and of course , those had the bad connection as well. Again, it always has , though .. It can’t be that I’m just far away from the router because this was never an issue until we got the new router and my dad sits RIGHT next to the router and it’s not working. It just makes no sense because it’s the wifi connection but now it’s my calls and texts and I know those are connected through the wifi but why is it only my phone that it’s doing it to? Granted , yes, I’m the one who is in my bedroom . My parents haven’t been in my room and then experienced this happening , but why all of a sudden would my phone calls just not go through because I’m in a room that HAS connection, just bad connection. Always has had that bad connection. then I’ll try to play a game on my phone and it takes like 20 minutes for me to actually start playing because it’s the only game/ app that has connection issues because of this. It always had those issues. But it’s like SUPER inconvenient and frustrating, especially at a time like this for me. This has never happened and I don’t get it. So , idfk. My thing is, if you are paying for wifi in your house, that wifi should work IN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE. me and my dad are so frustrated with all of it that we haven’t even called Verizon back yet to tell them we’re STILL having MANY problems. Ugh

once you turn the wifi calling off, what happens when you get calls? Do they still come through?

Re: Not getting phone calls or text when on wifi
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