Not receiving Government Alerts

My wife and I both have an Verizon Apple iPhone 6. She receives government alerts everytime they go out, I never do. I know they go out because she is sitting in the same room as I when it happens. I have checked to make sure the Settings>Notifications for Amber and Government Alerts is enabled. I also have Location Services enabled. My phone is a 6+ running iOS 9.3.4 and my carrier is Verizon 24.1.

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Re: Not receiving Government Alerts
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KG4ENY- Amber alerts are great. They inform you of crucial things you need to be aware of. I am here to make sure you never miss an alert again. Can you please go to Settings>General>Software update. Please update the current software 9.3.5 Let us know if the issue continues after the update. We are all here for you.  Check out the wireless emargency alerts FAQs here.

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