Not receiving order confirmation email

I ordered my iPhone at about 1 am last night. I can use the order confirmation # they gave me at checkout to check my status, but my checking account hasn't been charged yet, and I haven't received a confirmation email yet (it said I would within two hours due to traffic). When will I receive this email and if the order tracking page says expecte ship date: 10/28, does that mean I will get it on the 28th?

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Re: Not receiving order confirmation email
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It may take time for you to receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive it by tonight try calling in the morning to see if there was an issue. Your account would not be charged until the device is shipped (or boxed to ship). You may receive your phone on, before, or in some cases after the 28th. You won't know for sure until you receive a shipped email with tracking number. Have you tried checking your local stores to see if they have any in stock if you would like it sooner?

Re: Not receiving order confirmation email
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Hi mneborak,


WOW the iPhone is a fantastic device, I'm sure you will enjoy it very much. Your account will be charged once your device is ready for shipment as indicated by kaebfly (thanks!). Based on your post we expect to be able to ship your device by October 28, 2011, this means that we may ship your device on October 28, 2011, in which case you will receive your device a couple days after the 28th.


Please be assured that once your device is shipped an email will be sent to you with a shipping tracking number indicating the exact delivery date.


Additionally, you can check your order status at your convenience at this LINK.