Not receiving voicemails and voicemails won’t stay deleted
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Two out of three lines on my account are experiencing this issue. iphone 7 and iphone 8. All software has been updated. 

Callers are leaving voicemails but we are not receiving them. We do not get any voicemail notifications. Also, deleted voicemails keep returning. 


We have been to a Verizon store. They did several network setting resets, voicemail password resets, and gave us new sim cards for the not receiving voicemails issue. For the deleted voicemails returning they did the turning off wifi and turning airplane mode on and off. None of this has worked. 

The verizon store was supposed to call with a way to resolve this but they have not called. I have looked through these forums and see the same garbage said over and over. We are missing important voicemails for job interviews. And no one seems to be able to fix this issue or care that this is a big deal. 

Re: Not receiving voicemails and voicemails won’t stay deleted
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Ltc14, ensuring that your voicemails are able to report to your device is a must and we can certainly help work on this with you. Please send us a Private Message to begin. JoseL_VZW