Offer scam by Verizon online
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Hello, I chatted online via Verizon Live Chat on 11/20/20 and asked the sale agent about current offers because we wanted to upgrade. The nice agent (I will protect her name) sold us: $200 off each Iphone 12 Pro Max, $100 of Apple Watch SE and $250 off Apple Watch series 6 without new lines or trade ins. I've asked her multiple times and she told me that she is authorized to give me all 3 offers since I am getting 2 new phones and 2 watches. We haven't had new phones since end of 2016 and it was our 1st time owning an Apple Watch so I was super excited. Paid all the sale taxes and upgrade fees for our "special offer for online customers" scam: $340. About a week after the order was placed, I've checked the future bill which of course doesn't have the offer in it. Everything was and is a scam, the sales agent knew exactly what she was "selling" us: lies, false advertising and a similar SCAM like the Costco Verizon BOGO scam. Talked on the phone and chat, invested more than 12 hours in this and it's the same answer: "there is no promotion available for your account".

The "wait couple of billing cycles to see the promotion" technique, the "don't you worry, promotions don't show up online", the "oh..there are notes on your account for the promo team to make sure you will get the promotion" technique and my favorite " I will call you back after I look more into this"...heard it all. We are paying everything in full except the Apple Watch SE which has an $166 off. An odd number indeed. What a shame, I guess I was doing business with some of those NYC vendors who are trying to sell you a pack of gum for $20 when in reality it cost you $2. 

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Re: Offer scam by Verizon online
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We definitely want to take a closer look at this with you, isolvia. We are sending you a private message.