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I had a couple of Verizon emails which where somehow recycled, Iwould like to have these back but can't seem to get any info relevant to resolving this issue.Anybody else have any account issues similar? Also a bill is 125 a month on a wed you get billed for 225.00, then on sat for 400.00, how is that possible when the bill is only 125.00? Verizon  has  no idea either, Guess I should learn Cantanese as that's the just of my explanation.

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Re: Old email address
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We understand the importance of keeping relevant emails. Just to clarify, were the emails deleted from your inbox? In regards to your bill were there any added charges or fees? Did you recently upgrade or bill items to your account? This can also occur if you made any recent plan changes on your account? Please advise we are here to help.
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