One Account, Eight Lines, Two Weeks of heck
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I have spent nearly 20 hours on phone, text and chat with Verizon employees attempting to solve three issues over the past two weeks.  So far nothing is solved.  How do I get real help?

1. Was sent an incompatible iPhone SE for my youngest son after talking to Verizon phone sales. I am told this phone is for a pre-paid plan and will not activate on our unlimited data plan.  It took a week to get that info and now I cannot get anyone to send me a proper return label to get this phone back to Verizon for credit.   

2. At the urging of another Verizon sales rep, I picked up a new version of the same phone that should work with our plan.  Nobody can get the new phone added to our plan (this was a Christmas gift for my son - thanks for a "great" experience).  This second part has taken a week and still isn't fixed.  It would be the 8th line in a plan that has a max of 10 lines, so it seems like it should be simple.  To make the new phone at least work the sales rep put me on some small data plan which he was going to switch to our main plan once the phone was active.  The phone is still on the small data and they cannot figure out how to get it to the main plan.

3. Cannot get proper trade-in labels for three other new iPhones I purchased.  Phone support and sales staff keep telling me to go to website and submit request for trade-in then I will be emailed a label.  Labels wont email to me and website won't show proper promotional credit.  Was promised trade-in boxes would be sent two weeks ago, haven't received anything and nobody I talk with can see that anything was ever sent.

All together we're somewhere around 20 hours of my time and $2,000 of my cash hanging out there because Verizon support and sales staff cannot solve the issue, not to mention crazy frustration after being disconnected more times than I can count on phone and chat. 

Is this really the experience you want customers who spend $4-5K per year with your company to have?  I realize nobody is perfect, but this is messed up.

TLDR: Verizon really messed up up my orders. I cannot get anyone to fix it.  Have tried for weeks.  Very frustrated.  Please help me.



Re: One Account, Eight Lines, Two Weeks of heck
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Lord, I wish I had an answer that might resolve this or help in some way, but I don't. Sadly, I can empathize with your frustration, for an entire list of reasons. But that list boils down to: Verizon is all about the bottom line and could give to s---s about it's customers. I truly despise them.