One Ring Scam
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FYI, we have been hit by the One Ring scam the past few days. Call comes from strange number to cell phone at odd hour. Rings once and no more. If you call back out of curiousity, there is a hefty change. Don't know how much yet.  Calls have come from different numbers in Belarus and Slovenia. Do not call back! Lots of info about this on the web but haven't seen any on Verizon web site.

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i certainy don't call back if there's only one ring.

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GREWAL18, unwanted calls can be a huge annoyance these days. We are here to help provide all the available options to block these types of calls. We do not recommend calling international numbers unless you are familiar with the number since you could see a per minute charge on your bill. Here is our international web page for the details. The first recommendation is to ensure your phone number is registered on the FCC’s do not call list at You can block numbers for free in your online account by selecting “Block Calls & messages” on the following web page
Then Verizon offers an additional service titled Verizon Call Filter that can detect spam calls and prevent the completion of the calls. Please click on the following web page for the details and to start your free trial. Does this help?


- DavidC_VZW


The do not call list is useless against the scammers/spoofers.   The free filters to block numbers doesn't  begin to stop the robocallers.   Even the paid roboblockers aren't stopping the one-ring scams.   Isn't there some way to opt out of recieving phone calls with a foriegn number?