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Need info on how to file a complaint. Just moved from previous carrier of 20+ yrs due to new location and service. The past 5 days have been the worst experience of dealing with brain dead reps through chat and messenger. I’ve been put on hold until an automation tells me the call center has now closed, online chats that just end I’m assuming it was the end of the shift and they just said F#&k it..  activating my phone with someone else’s number so that was a fun night of calls.  Then couldn’t set an account up because of the wrong number deal and that number being linked to another account. And all online can do is tell you to login or power off the device and see if that helps.  If this is what I can expect then I need to cancel before the 14 days and find another service. Oh and now that one line is working the other line still won’t activate so now I have to travel to the store again to fix this problem. ( the store was great by the way)

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