Only Offered 400$ for my Phone Instead of 800
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Here is another same bait and switch Verizon does. In October I went with their promo of turn in your used or damaged iPhone and get credit toward a new iPhone 13. I check marked everything that applied regarding my used phone I returned to them. I signed an agreement with Verizon with a plan of 5g start. The following month I was only offered 400$ for my phone instead of 800. I have spoke with reps constantly that only keep apologizing like robots on the phone and never resolve anything. Each rep always says a different thing. They have no idea what is going on. They always ask which phone I returned back even though this should be on their records. I am always told notes are made on my account however they are not. 

this time the rep told me the reason I am not getting the complete 800 for my phone is because I need to upgrade my plan to 5g get more which will be 20$ more on my account a month. I signed up for 5g start on the promo. That is what the agreement is that I signed for. I was pressured by the rep to upgrade my plan if I wanted to receive the full amount for the return of my phone. Been a loyal customer since 2005 I am seeing a lot of posts here regarding similar transactions. 

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