Order Processing - 2 day shipping

I ordered my new device online 4 days ago with 2-day shipping. I urgently needed a new device that why I ordered it online as it offered 2-day shipping. It has been 4 days and my order status shows as processing. I called Verizon 3 times - each time the agent forwarded my call to a different agent, not forgetting the one hour wait time and no one seemed to know what's happening with my order. I am okay to wait for my new device but at least Verizon should provide an explanation as to why it's on hold? Also, Verizon should not be promising 2-day shipping when they are not able to make it. With the amount of money, we as customer's paying on Verizon's plans, a better quality customer service and quick response to customers question is expected. There are so many other phone companies who may not have a good network as Verizon but definitely they have a much better customer service!!! I will be canceling my order and account services from Verizon.

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