Ordered an iPhone for me and my daughter, wrong shipment address was written and it was returned to the sender and says “delivered” on my Verizon acco
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Been dealing with this for days now, verizon had my apartment complex number written on the address, but not the door number. The UPS delivery driver called me on the intercom and was able to drop my daughter’s phone off to us, but I guess my phone was on another truck? He told us our door number wasn’t on the package. I called Verizon to tell them about it and they said they’d change it- it returned to sender and says “delivered” on my Verizon app. I’m still waiting on the phone and it’s scaring me because it says it returned to sender and is back at “dock”. I was informed my phone would be here by tomorrow, address change is reflected in ups delivery history, but an “error occurred” so they sent it back to the sender AGAIN. Not sure how to resolve this. I have no new iPhone and my account shows delivered. Help please!

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