Ordered the Wrong Phone
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Hi everyone! So I ordered the wrong phone online. Freely admit that. Color and GB were right, but I selected the 11 Pro instead of the 11 Pro Max. The phone was delivered today and I already requested a return label and put it on the box and then dropped it off a few minutes ago. My question is, I can't order/go into the store to buy the correct phone yet. I was also choosing to trade in a device at the same time. The phone is supposed to be a birthday present. How long will it take Verizon to recognize that I no longer have possession of the incorrect phone? Do I have to wait the whole time for it to get to the warehouse or do they recognize that it's been dropped off and go ahead and take the phone off the account? (kKind of like how Amazon will refund you before they receive the return, but after they know it's been dropped off.) I wouldn't be so worried if the phone wasn't intended as a surprise birthday present. 

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