Ordering Online

So I decided to place an order for an iPad. Had some issues, but had to call twice. Then I decided to upgrade my 6s plus to an xs max. I ordered. Twice. No luck. Finally had to call. Got it ordered. Well, then shipping address was wrong from verizons end, after I had them verify multiple times. So the cancelled, reordered, same issue, cancelled, reordered, then they cancelled it again, and this time had it shipped to another island, I am omn the big island. The other order that was supposed to have been cancelled came through and since I was on the phone cancelling the order that was going kauai instead of here, had them confirm multiple times they were cancelling correct order, they confirmed with order number, and still put wrong address for the one taht came through. I could have picked it up at fed ex but they went in and altered my address AGAIN, and cancelled it to have returned o sender. I spent literally three days in a row on chat and on phone, 7 hours dealing with this, an escalation specialist called me and told me they were fixing it they spoke to fed ex, I was going to receive both phone and ipad today at same time. Outright lied to me. Fedex said it was on vacation hold then that sender requested it to be returned. It is sad when an escalation rep lies to you and you are sitting at home waiting for your phone when your phone is already at the same town destination, and they send it back. My account has been charged and recharged multiple times in excess of 300 dollars, and still have to cancel and reorder. This is bad business on verizons part and makes me want to reconsider even having a phone line with them. They outright lie to you when they went in and cancelled, they altered the address so many times, and still cant get it right even with all the verifying bak and forth. Utterly garbage and now just spoke to a specialist again and they are having another sen out for friday delivery. Let's see if it will even come. Three sepearate phones, 4 different addresses, being lied to over and over after they VERIFIED the address back to me, but yet still messed up. Beyond angry and my bank is drawn like crazy for all the refunds cancellations and re orders. And just to note my location does not have in store pick up, and I had to go through this heck. Never in all my 36 years of life have I EVER had this much problems ordering something as I have had with verizon

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