Ordering new phone and no confirmation of promotion
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Any help appreciated.


I ordered a new phone via Verizon chat.  I was offered an iPhone Pro  $350 off.

I asked if I could pay in full.  No, I needed to put on a monthly payment plan.  I agreed and ordered the phone.

The confirmation did not include the promotion.  I, unfortunately, have poor service right now and have called twice, length hold due to having issues confirming the promo, then how to send me a confirmation.  I am not comfortable waiting to see if it will be applied.  This happened to me in the past, yes I should have learned.  Yes, twice, my connection was lost.  

I do have screenshots of my chat to order the phone.  I am sure Verizon has the transcript.


Why are the promotions not included with your confirmation??

How do I get a written confirmation?


Thank you





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