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I have been charged for a free iPhone 13 for 6 months now!  I have spent HOURS speaking to customer service reps and repeating my story each time.   They all assure me they will reimburse me and correct my bill for the next month.   My bill still has the extra charges.   I have asked for supervisors and was scheduled a call back.  I saw Verizon Wireless was calling and when I answered, they disconnected the call.  I called customer service back and they had it listed in the notes that I did not answer the call.  No one has called me back yet.  I have left two request messages through the Verizon App as well.  How can I speak to someone in management?  This is ridiculous.  Customer service for Verizon is horrible! 

I live in a rural area and don't have many options when it comes to cellular service.  Does anyone have a number to a supervisor or upper management?

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Re: Overcharged
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Hello, kp200. We want you to get the support you need, so thanks for reaching out. I can understand your concern about receiving the call, only for it to drop. Please note you can reach us at 800.922.0204. Or you can request another callback. Visit https://www.verizon.com/support/contact-us/#mobile#billingandpayment and select "We'll call you." I'm confident this will be successfully resolved for you. -Tracy