PLEASE HELP UPS lost my upgrade for my trade in device!
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Hello! I am new to Verizon, I started their service sep 2nd and was able to get the 500 BYOD rebate from my Apple iPhone SE 2nd gen. After waiting 45 days to upgrade, I wanted to use my rebate to cover the initial fee of upgrading to an iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as the bill that comes after. I was also going to trade in my SE for it to save 300 dollars (it is cracked) and the purchase was no problem. Now here is where it gets tricky. 

UPS had gone to my residence the 27th, left a note saying they couldn't reach me even though they never knocked on the door and I saw their truck drive away through my window. I waited the next day the 28th and I waited by the door and I signed for my package. However I felt it was too light so I ripped it open and lo and behold theres nothing there except papers from Verizon. I ran back after my UPS driver and I told him my package with my upgrade had nothing in it and I believe someone had stolen it and repackaged it. He actually TOLD ME that it has been happening a lot lately and he'll let his boss know and for me to file a claim online.  I have photos and documents supporting this but it wont let me upload anything here.

Now I call Verizon 2 times the past 3 days. The 28th, one representative told me he would create a ticket for me and I would have to check back within a week and I should be able to check the ticket online. However I checked and it says it was closed. The 31st, Meg had answered and told me the ticket was there after I asked her to clarify why it was closed, I also asked her since she told me the iPhone 14 was marked lost or stolen, I should have gotten a refund back on my rebate since that was the payment used in the first place.
As of right now its not there yet. I also asked if what were to happen if I do happen to recieve it if it ever was found and she told me she would be able to lift the lost/stolen mark and activate it. Meg also said that I should be able to reorder and upgrade my device since the delivery was cancelled. It still says on my account that iPhone 14 was delivered and not cancelled(with the same UPS tracking that says there is an investigation on it) and my SE trade in has to wait 2 YEARS to upgrade again or buy another iPhone 14 Pro Max at RETAIL price.

According to Verizon, I have to trade in my SE for an iPhone 14 Pro Max that was lost/stolen in the mail by 11/24/2022, to save 300 dollars on that device that was never delivered (and they know it wasn't.) otherwise I have to pay full retail price on it. At the same time since they know it was cancelled, yet also it was 'delivered' according to my account, I cannot create a new trade in order for my SE because it is still connected to the lost upgrade, and instead want me to buy it at retail price again with no savings. 

As a first customer this is insanely confusing and I wasn't expecting it to be so complex.

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