Package delivery issue

So I recently became a Verizon customer this last month and it’s been a relatively pleasant experience up until this point.

So I initially opened an account and service with just the new iPhone 13pro max 128gig. It shipped in two days, no issue. Well then my daughter got to playing with it and she absolutely had to have a 13 of her own for it’s camera quality and I never tell her no. 
so we got online and after looking a bit I couldn’t help myself and went ahead and after adding a 13mini to my cart I decided to splurge and add a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 inch 128gig to the cart as well. I just got a promotion last month and I figure I’ll use it for work anyway and I’m sure my boss will probably compensate some of its costs if I don’t add it as a tax write off. 

So I made the down payment, 2day shipping was expected again, and that’s where we are now. 
I made the payment and received an email on  04/11/2022 that my order had been shipped along with order details and tracking numbers for the shipping. 
I’m very busy with work, I have a lot going on, so when it comes to things like this I tend to not pay much attention, especially with packages arriving. My daughter deals with all that. It’s just she and I living in our home. Last night She said they still had not arrived and that she needed me to look into what’s going on. So I checked the fedex tracking and to my surprise apparently the package was delivered on 04/12/2022 @ 10:54a.m and I myself indirectly signed for said package…

im quite confused since I was 140 miles away doing a consultation for work. My concern is the fact that my items have been claimed to have been delivered, that it’s been claimed that I myself signed for this package, and that’s not the case. My concern is that im now on the hook for as our $2,000 dollars worth of electronics I never even had the chance to use.

I’ve logged into my Verizon application and it doesn’t look like there’s been any activity in both devices. I don’t know what to do at this point. I was led here to this community page after googling my issue in hops maybe this is common and that they’ll show up or something but I don’t think that’s the case. 

I guess my question now is do I contact Verizon? Do I contact assurion? FedEx? My stress level has skyrocketed and I have a feeling this is not going to be pleasant trying to resolve. 

anyway. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear back soon.