Package from fed ex received but item watch stolen out of it
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I received my package today from fed ex for an apple watch  I opened the box and only thing in there was the empty watch boxes, even the plastic was left. watch was stolen out of it.  I did a chat and was told to go to the verizon store and they would provide me with a new watch a file a claim  I went to the store and was told they can't do that.  they did call customer service and spoke with someone to file a claim.  the person on the phone would not give any updates on when or if I would receive a watch even though I paid for one!  the store was nice and set up a new order and i did leave with a watch however now I have to battle out with verizon to cancel the stolen watch and be credited.  very unhappy and frustrated that they were not helpful and basically like we will call you after the investigation  i called fed ex to file a claim and was told only the shipper can file the claim