Past Due Bill

I have had Verizon since November. I immediately set up auto pay to save the $5. My monthly bill has drafted since then. Now, in February I am being told I have a past due amount due (which is showing last months bill) My bill is due on the 5th of every month but I pay of the 30th, its scheduled that way. So WHY did my Jan. bill not get paid?? Calling customer service was a complete joke! The guy I spoke with talked in circles and could not answer my question as to why my bill was not drafted. Yes, the funds were available, yes my card on file is still active. I don't understand! Now I have 2 bills due at the same time. I am BEYOND frustrated.    

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Re: Past Due Bill
Customer Service Rep

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable service experience, Cmeredith. Ensuring that you get the Auto Pay and Paperless Billing Discount is equally important to us. To clarify, after completing the initial Auto Pay set up, the bills leading up to January included the discount, correct?