Paying off phones and walking away Covid billing

I bought two phones two years ago. After Covid and man some hardships. I signed up in April for Covid help. I was not understanding that it would all come back in a big amount later. 

Not only is there no protection, my bill is so high. I had to pay 7 every time to talk to anyone who would help. I always had added fees with some protection thing added each month. I am a single mom working in education and busy and I know i am on many of those calls saying i can’t go over this much a month. only to get bills over plus the 7.00 talking to a live person. 

stimulus was not in yet. they disconnected. i owe now, 1700 can you believe that ?  with the balloon back pay from way back 

I can’t even call out. I saw i owed only 80.00 on one phone and something similar in another  although it was supposed to be buy one get one for a dollar originally  not  

when i tried with the app to see about paying off device  , it said not until jan 21st?  and it would be 200 

why? anyone know? and if i pay 200 each on each phone can i walk away and just get another provider at this point 

i am so so disappointed in our countries hardship and this company right now  arg  

Anyone have experience with paying off the device and walking away  imaging i will have to get some legal help and work out to pay off the debt after  but for now so i have a phone for me and my family? 


Does anyone know i

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Re: Paying off phones and walking away Covid billing
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Incorrect. You don't get charged $7 to talk to someone. You get charged $7 when you let an agent take a payment or set up a payment arrangement instead of doing it yourself online. 

Even with differed balance, your bill being that high sounds like a lot of missed payments. Being really late causes things like reconnect fees.

BOGO deals are only free if you left it alone for the agreed term you signed off on. If you want out early, you pay whatever was left in the loan. You don't get charged back credits, but you also give up any future ones that were offsetting the cost.

If you don't mind the credit hit for 7 years, walk away to prepaid with a budget phone.

Re: Paying off phones and walking away Covid billing
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I have a friend who is a single dad and he is in the same situation. Although he only has one phone which seems logical. However he is still responsible for payment, just like a house or car payment. He was able to work out a payment agreement with Verizon.

Re: Paying off phones and walking away Covid billing
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We understand the hardships that have been going on and want to make sure you are provided the correct information regarding your concerns. In order to review this more please send us a private message for review.