Pending Order Cancellation
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I ordered an iphone 14 pro at a verizon location and was told it would be delivered in 2 days. I should have gotten it yesterday or today but when I called UPS, they said the label was created but it has not even been picked up by UPS and they have no idea when it will be. I ended up calling Verizon to cancel the order and just do an in person buy. I was told that I need to wait for the order to be cancelled on their end before I am able to go to the store to purchase a new one. This phone was for my sons birthday and I needed it before Sunday. I received the notification from UPS that they received the message that the package is to be returned back to the sender but when I go on the myverizon app it's still saying the package is on it's way. I am assuming I will still not be able to go to the store to make my purchase since it is still saying this. I need to get this taken care of asap so I can get to Verizon either today or the very latest, tomorrow, so I can purchase this phone. Is there anyway to get this expedited?

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