Pending Order will not go away

I have had my XR for over a year now and it is still showing a pending order on my account.

The phone has activated fine and has been working fine. I am trying to change my number and due to this pending order, I can't. I have talked to numerous reps on the phone about this in tech support, had my account documented numerous times, and have been giving many ticket numbers to no avail and this is beyond frustrating because I have been calling on and off for almost a year.  I even suggested that they get a dummy phone and put that device id on my number then put my actual device id back on my number so that it can try to trick it in the system so that I can get my number changed.  It shouldn't be this hard. heck when I used to work for the company, it was never this hard. Can someone please assist me? 

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Re: Pending Order will not go away
Customer Service Rep

feliciafeefee, I agree, that is an undeniably long time to go through this issue. Our goal is to help in any way we can. We will be reaching out to you soon.