People cannot hear me when i call

Forgive me if there is a link to this some where else. I have a replacement XS max and people cannot , sometime, cannot hear me when i talk. i have turned off the nosie cancelling, sometimes it works when i turn it off and back on. but if some one calls and i put it in speaker mode they can hear me. and sometimes after turning the speaker while having the convesation they can hear me, some times not. the voice memo works all the time i check it. it does not mater weather the case is on or not. please give me some suggestions. thanks for any help or leading this old horse to water... 

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Re: People cannot hear me when i call
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Our phones are our lifeline, tgracing. I understand needing to make sure that you are able to hear your conversations. You have reached the right person to help you. has there been any physical or moisture damage on the phone? I have sent you a private message so I can further help you. AmberF_VZW