People who call me can’t leave me voicemails

So, I noticed this started happening several months ago but I never realized it until my dad who normally leaves me voicemails finally told me that he didn’t have the option to leave me any. When I don’t pick up, the phrase comes up “welcome to Verizon, this party cannot complete this call because they are unavailable” or something like that. It’s extremely frustrating because I’ve restarted my phone, restarted my wifi and everything they’ve said to try. Is there some way I can restart my voicemail or something? Why is this issue happening? Any advice would be helpful! #iphone13

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Re: People who call me can’t leave me voicemails
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that anyone can leave you a voicemail. I'd love to take a look at some specific details of your line. I am going to be sending you a Private Note. Please reply to that message. Thank you.