Phone Replacement Issues
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This is actually a post for my parents who are not set up for message board.

I number of weeks ago, they called about replacements for their phones due to battery issues.  They were told they would be getting the next phone up from their model as a replacement, that it would be sent to their home address and they would get the phones within 2 days.  After two weeks (and a number of phone calls), my dad finally got his phone, but my mom's phone never arrived.  Further calls on this issue have led to my parents being told that the phone has been processed and should be arriving in two days.

It's now been five to six weeks and several phone calls to one of our local Verizon stores and still nothing.  It feels more like they are getting the runaround about the pphone than anything else.

Is there anything that can be done to find out what's really going on?

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