Phone Return Issue With Indirect Retailer?

Dear community,

I've never posted here before but I am looking for some advice regarding a phone return issue with an indirect retailer.

I upgraded my phone approximately two-three weeks ago from the Apple 11 Pro Max to a Google Pixel 4 (Due to app development reasons, not because I was unhappy with Apple).

At any rate, when I went into the store they took my device (as all stores do) when preforming the early upgrade on a trade in program.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I am getting messages that the previous phone I upgraded from (Apple 11 Pro Max) was never returned.

The reps have been unsympathetic to my issue and keep asking me questions I don't know the answer to as a consumer. All I know is I went to do an upgrade on a store with a Verizon logo (the same one at the top of this website) and now I'm being told it is my responsibility to make sure the phone is returned because they are an indirect location (I don't even know what this means).


I have spoken to three reps now who have promised to call me back, and did not, as well as the store who told me the general manager would call me back, who has not.

I'm not sure how to rectify this issue and any assistance in the matter would be truly appreciated.

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Re: Phone Return Issue With Indirect Retailer?
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An indirect location means it isn't Verizon owned. Actual company would be something like TCC, Victra, Cellular Sales etc. 

Verizon should really ditch these places for how shady they tend to be. For any return, you want to send in the device yourself instead of trusting a bootleg store to do the job right.