Phone Suddenly Slowed Down

My iPhone XS MAX is barely two years old and has slowed down incredibly since the new phone came out.    I have intermittent issues with texting, as the keyboard input appears to lock then automagically comes to life with all the text I thought wasn't being registered.    Siri has a ton of issues getting answers, she comes back %60 of the time with "Something has gone wrong."    In short, my phone is causing so many issues, it's no longer reliable or efficient, something I feel like Verizon wants me to think.     I have posted this on my FB feed, and many Verizon friends are pinging me back with similar issues, saying that Verizon is throttling speeds to get us on the iPhone 12.    This is extremely frustrating.   My contract will be up soon, and as an IT Professional this smells like a dirty scam.    My phone worked perfect before the new release, seriously, I'm about to leave to AT&T.    


Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Phone Suddenly Slowed Down
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Having a good working device is important, and we are here to assist you. Please meet us in a Private Message for assistance. We will stand by. -Albert_VZW