Phone calls intermittently not ringing through to my phone

I am having a nearly identical issue to the person who posted below in 2018.  I am on an iPhone 11 Pro, IOS Version 13.6.  I see calls in voicemail that are not shown as received.  This has been going on in the last month.  I have replaced my old phone (iPhone 10) and the problem followed to the new phone.  Restarting the phone appears to correct the condition temporarily.  Please note that i followed the recommendations on this forum about the things to check, e.g. Do Not Disturb is off, toggle is not switched to silent mode, etc.  Finally, i removed Teams and Zoom clients on my old phone and simply never installed them on my current phone.  I am hearing from colleagues that this is happening to them as well.  I've seen this behavior in Ocean City, NJ, Moorestown & Mt. Laurel NJ and in Philadelphia.  

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This issue started for me about 2 weeks ago, on or about No 13th. At first it was an isolated event, but then it happened a few days later, then a few days later, until it finally became a daily issue. Most calls are going through to my phone. However, sometimes calls just aren't ringing through to my phone. For example, I missed an important call on the 27th. My phone was right next to me and my voicemail alert sounded. My phone never rang. I have no missed call listed on my phone. But I received a voicemail. I've missed at least one call (that I know of) DAILY since Saturday.

On the other end, the people who have called me when it didn't ring on my end have told me both that it went straight to voicemail or that they hear it ring multiple times before going to voicemail. No matter what situation the caller runs into though, I've confirmed that my phone has not been off nor has the ringer been off. And again, the call is never listed in my incoming or missed calls.

The first few times this happened, I thought it may be an issue with my phone. I had neglected to update to the older OS, so I thought this was the issue. I have since updated, but the issue has persisted. I've also checked for carrier setting updates but that is already up to date. I've restarted my phone numerous times to no avail.

I've missed a few important calls because of this. What else can be done to fix this?

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Re: Phone calls intermittently not ringing through to my phone
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