Phone can’t be added to Line

I have a been customer for just  over 10 years. The other day an associate ported over my primary line on my account. I spent an entire day working with associates to retrieve my number. But some how, they placed my line on a test device and now can’t add back my original device. A ticket has been created and they have advised me to wait 48-72 hours for it be resolved in the mean time I have no phone or line to use. I can’t wait wait that long since I have active clients constantly reaching out to my cell. No one is willing to escalate this issue. Can anyone help get this resolved sooner.  

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Re: Phone can’t be added to Line
Customer Service Rep

earedondo87, we've sent you a private message to assist with any pending change and to check on the status of the ticket. We do want your number working as soon as possible. Thank you.


- Alan