Phone dialed without me dialing

While talking to a friend my phone cut us off and 911 appeared on the screen.  An operator for 911 asked how she could help me!!!!  I told her I never dialed a number I was talking.  After the call I was instructed to go to this web site!!!  Do you know what is going on?

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Re: Phone dialed without me dialing
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Verizon terrible when it comes to this issue. Years ago I dropped Verizon due to this and went to ATT. Sadly, our new home doesn't get ATT and had to return to V. With our new phones I have to lock it to stop it. Don't expect V to answer and if they do it will not provide a solution because the problem is with VERIZON, not your phone. Strange ATT NEVER dialed out by itself. Good luck. (We have apple phones)