Phone loses signal until reboot
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So I had an iPhone 11 and it kept losing signal at my home until I would reboot it. I tried every method possible to fix the issue, resetting, updating, new sim, booster, EVERYTHING. They don’t know why this happens. I got a new iPhone 15 yesterday thinking maybe my phone was just old or outdated or something was wrong and as soon as I got home I experienced the same problem. This never happened before. I’ve always had Verizon, and always lived in the same home. What provider should I switch too that is better than Verizon since they can’t fix the problem and obviously can’t fix it after reading other people across the country experiencing the same exact issue? Suggestions?!

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Do you have home internet service with Wi-Fi access through another ISP which isn't Verizon?  I saw a thread a couple months ago from another iPhone user who discovered their ISP's equipment was somehow interfering with their iPhone such that the phone wouldn't work at home.  When they switched out their internet router for newer equipment with the ISP, things were fine.

If this is your situation, you can test it out by simply shutting off the internet router and disconnecting it completely so it isn't generating any signal and see if your phone then gets cellular service.

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Hello meb009, thank you for reaching out to us. We're sorry you're having issues with your service. There have been several software updates pushed out from Apple directly. Have you checked if there is an update on your device? Where are you located?