Phone stole during shipment

Ordered three phones (2-23-2023.) Phones were delivered 2-27-2023, no one signed for the box although UPS has a last name of Collins received the package. Box had clearly been opened and taped back with clear tape. Only two of the three phones that I ordered were inside the box. The iphone 14 pro max had been stole and replaced with a wadded up piece of paper. Filed claim with UPS and called VZW and opened ticket. Just got message from VZW that they are unable to adjust my order. Called VZW again and was told to resubmit ticket. Does anyone know a number where I can speak to someone and get this situation handled.  Im a stuck paying for a phone that I no longer have and was supposed to return the phone that the stolen phone was replacing. Will never order anything from VZW online again!

Re: Phone stole during shipment
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thank you for reaching out today regarding your equipment order. I am extremely concerned to read that your order was opened and tampered with during the shipping process. It breaks my heart to know that an iPhone was taken out of the packaging. Once the order leaves our warehouse, it is the shippers' responsibility to deliver. Thats not to say that we cannot help, I need to gather more information on the shipping details.  

I see that you mentioned someone with a different last name signed for the package. Can you please confirm how you received the package, when another party signed for it?