+ Play Apple Music Family Subscription Activation Issue
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I just switched my Verizon plan to + Play and needed to activate my new Apple Music Family subscription. I had already canceled my previous Apple Music Family subscription to prevent activation issues. When I clicked the activation button on my Verizon account page, it sent a link to my phone via text message. When I hit the link, it took me to the Apple Music website, but I couldn't do anything. It was as if a pop-up window was trying to open, but couldn't. I tried sending another link to my phone but same issue. I tried typing the link address into my laptop but same issue. I tried contacting Verizon support through chat but got zero response. However, I went into Settings on my iPhone, then Family-->Subscriptions--> Manage Subscriptions-->Verizon Plan Benefits and was able to activate it from there. Just wanted to share this in case others have the issue.

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