Please help me understand my Bill and my Trade-In Contract!
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Hi all,

Recently I switched from AT&T trading in my iPhone base 12 ($800 Trade-In) to get an iPhone 13 Pro ($1,100 MSRP). I misunderstood the terms of the contract and though I know this has been posted thousands of times I would like to understand the easiest way to leave this contract and to leave Verizon? 

I outright owned my iPhone 12 and looking back on it I cant believe I locked myself into this contract thinking I would only pay the difference of 300$. 

The iPhone 13 bill is $45/month but the Trade-In Credit is $33/month, and my phone line is $90/month... My question is, since my total bill is around $115/month does that mean the point of the contract is to pay the difference owed on the phone ($12) every month for 24 months? I just really messed myself up locking myself in this contract and though I know its my fault I would greatly appreciate any help as to how to go about best terminating this contract if at all possible? Or is that how they get you, they lock you in so you have to pay ridiculous fees to leave?

My service has also been worse since I switched, and customer support has been hard to contact. I've just been really disappointed since I joined.

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