Poor 4Glite signal in home and around town.
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2 months ago, they upgraded the tower near my home. Maybe they are still upgrading it because now, if I if I don't have my phone connected to xfinity wifi, I wouldn't be able to make calls in my own home. This is truly an awful experience and we pay Verizon $300 a month for 5 phones. All the phones in my home are now paper weights unless we connect to Wi-Fi. I have tried calling and all they want to do is trouble shoot my device. It takes hours and they would still need to trouble shoot the other 4 brand new devices in the home. Looking into AT&T to see what is available there. 

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Re: Poor 4Glite signal in home and around town.
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Jangelo40, we sent you a Private Note. Please continue with us through there! *Hannah