Poor Cell Signal 85040

I have lived in the Copper Leaf Development in South Phoenix for just over a Year and my cell signal at my residence is awful, calls are always being dropped unable to stream or use internet when WiFi not available.  It wasn’t until recently when my internet provider starting having service black outs that I have been feeling full effect of  my dilemma. I am unable to work, return calls….I live in a highly populated area yet I feel like i have service of someone in a remote location.  I am posting this here as I do not wish to switch providers…however I need a dependable cell carrier for when I really need to rely on just my phone.  Does anyone know when this issue with signal will be resolved for either LTE or 5G?

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Re: Poor Cell Signal 85040
Customer Service Rep

Reliable service is a must nowadays! We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with your service. As a fellow consumer I depend on my phone to keep in touch with my family and also for work so I understand where you are coming from. Allow us to gather more information to be on the same page. Are you aware if other Verizon users are having similar issues around your vicinity? Does the service get better in other areas? If so, how far do you need to travel for the service to get better?