Poor Coverage
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Not long ago we moved from Severn, MD  to Millersville, MD  (different zip).  Prior to moving, I investigated the cell coverage and it seemed that our new home would have sufficient coverage. At the new property (outside, in front of the home), we could hold phone calls but still had low (two) bars. Data coverage was spotty. 

We moved into our new home in November 2022, near Arden on the Severn / Arlington Echo / Veterans Highway & Generals Hwy. Unfortunately, we have nearly zero cell coverage in most of our home and the same is true behind our home. I have Wi-Fi calling enabled on my iPhone 14 Pro but this is a bandaid on a larger problem. Our Fios service also has a tendency to drop out. Our guests have terrible service unless they’re on Wi-Fi and have their phones configured. And behind our home, where the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s nothing more we can do. 

Trying to run a business from home and this is the BIGGEST disappointment about our new home. This happens 24 hours a day. We have to drive 3-5 miles towards Waugh Chapel or Glen Burnie to get the service quality we were previously accustomed to from Verizon. 

We don’t want to switch carriers, but I don’t know what else to do. Are there any VZW mods that can help us out?

Re: Poor Coverage
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5MountainMovers, we understand how critical it is to have working service at home. We'd love to look into this new area you moved into. Send a Private Note to get started.