Poor Service Quality and Terrible Tech Support
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I have been a verizon customer for over 8 years. Service quality was top notch, much better that when i was with AT&T. Over the past 6 months the service quality had dropped dramatically. Dropped calls, audio drop out when talking, calls that I never get or can't make. It's not a spacific tower because this happens at my house and at work (about 1 mile apart). It also drops calls and drops audio when driving around in places far away from my local cell towers. I have replaced my phone 3 times so its not my phone. I have done iOS Updates and they did not help. I have reseated the sim card. I have reset the network on my iPhone and none of it has helped.

I work at Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Verizon has turned off the cell tower on our campus and I believe that is part of the problem. Apple with its last software update iOS 13 which has been an unmitigated disaster. And the fact that Verizon is killing its CDMA towers and replacing them with 5G.

Removal of Tower at Miami U

Verizon had cell antenna on Miami University's radio tower which is going to be torn down. They were warned years ago to prepare for the tower removal and they did not. Miami demanded they turn the cell antenna off to prepare for demolition. So Verizon turned it off without the preparation needed to provide good service in the area. Verizon had years to prepare and did nothing, leaving it's customers with poor service.

The 5G Service

CDMA was what made Verizon's coverage so much better than the competition. 5G does not penetrate buildings and structures as well and doesnt go as far ad CDMA did. What this means is that there needs to be more 5G towers to get the same service coverage. What I have read is that Verizon is removing the CDMA equipment and replacing it with 5G equipment. This in no way benefits any users without 5G phones! Note "No iPhones work on 5G"! Verizon's plan of removing CDMA without beefing up 4G to help current customers that don't own 5g phones is a terrible idea and shows they don't seem to care about their current customers

Apple iOS 13 disaster!

Apple has created a disaster with it's iOS 13 and updates! There are so many problems with iOS 13 that I am afraid to to do any more upgrades! I no longer trust Apple & its upgrades! One known problem caused by iOS 13 updates was poor cell & Wifi service! As far as i can tell they havent fixed it yet.



Verizon and it's awful tech support!


All of Verizon's folks on the phone and chat have very courteous. 

The first time I called Verizon's tech support about the issue I waited on the phone listening to an extremely short music loop for 30 minutes. Once I got connected to an actual person the call go dropped!

I called a second time right after being dropped. The person i got seemed concerned but said they could not open a ticket because their ticketing system was down!

Third time I tried the chat on Verizon's web site. After waiting about 15 minutes for a person to reply to my chat message someon finally answered. He would ask a question and I would answer and maybe 5 minutes later he would be back. He was obviously looking up answers and asking the next thing he found. I had already answered most of his questions in my description of what the problem was and what I had tried. But he still kept asking them with long gaps between when I answered and he responded. During this time, I kept reminding him I had to go to an appointment.  Finally he said he was going send me to the next tier of tech support. I reminded him that i had to go in 15 minutes. Then I get a text asking how he did, while I was still waiting for the second tier of tech support. Tier 2 tech support never came to my chat session before I had to leave. I had been on that chat session for over an hour. Then I tried to reply to the text asking how they did it failed to send because of bad service. 

I have been a Verizon customer for many years paying a premium for good service. I am now considering another provider since they are no longer any better that the competition.

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Re: Poor Service Quality and Terrible Tech Support

A long time user with 4 lines.  My 6s. is a MESS. I have had 5 replacements , each worse than the one before.  Sadly I had replaced the battery and ports and got the first replacement that was horrible.

I believe service was slowed intentionally, the updates diasterous.  There answer.. buy a new phone.  Sweet... reeeaally I should lay out $700 ++ $$$ for their failed product. My calendar does not work.  Entered events disappear and multiply without reason.  Wonderful to see my sister has 30 birthdays on the same day.

Screen freezes, short battery life (even with NEW battery.) So too I'm NOT going to pay more than new customers!! I'm NOT getting another line. Time for change??