Poor Service in 61568

My husband and I have been noticing our cell service has decreased at our home over the past year.  I have to step out of the house and stand in a very specific location to get good service.  Various areas outside of my house I do not get coverage.  My mother, who also lives in the same neighborhood, told me she is having the same issues today.  She had to go stand outside to talk to me on the phone.  We are all Verizon users. We are in the 61568 zip code.

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Re: Poor Service in 61568
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A year is quite a long time, Emyj86. I'm glad you brought this to our attention, and thanks for providing us your zip code. On a typical day, what does your phone display in terms of a signal(4G/LTE, 3G, 1X)? Are you having an issue with all services(talk, text, & data)?