Poor Signal Reception at home
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I live in the middle of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Right in the middle of the city.  My house is located at the bottom of small hill.  I only get 1-2 bars at any time.  Inside the house or outside of the house.  Half of the calls I get the person on the other side can barely hear me.  Half of the calls I make out I have to try 3-4 times to get the call to dial out.  I have talked to Verizon support and they tell me that there is no problem that they are aware of.  When they run a test everything is fine.  I have four different types of cell phones in my house, two Samsung Eclipse, one Iphone 8, one galaxy and one flip phone.  I have 5 phone lines.  They all have the same problem.  I have no interest in hooking up to my wifi, I am paying for service I expect service.  Any one out there have any ideas?

Re: Poor Signal Reception at home

I live within 2 miles of a Verizon tower in the 31076 zip code. I have always had full bars at home. Lately, I have 1-2 bars and am unable to do internet searches, and hav poor reception. I just don’t understand when I live so close to a tower. I have an iPhone 12 that’s a year old.

Re: Poor Signal Reception at home
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Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us on Social Media! I regret knowing you're having issues with your service and connectivity is important! Have you tried a Network Reset? Typically, that helps get the device back on the network. I can walk your through performing one on your end. How does that sound?