Poor Signal in the area 34787

We have poor signal in our area due to only having a few towers in the area. I usually don't include the idea of moving to the area and looking up it's service coverage. 😳 My phone calls both personal and work break up all the time so constantly repeating myself is not ideal. 😑 I spoke to the local Verizon store, who told me to contact 611 and they'd be able to provide a signal boost. I spoke to numerous customer service agents and nothing. It's ridiculous to be paying for horrible service. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Poor Signal in the area 34787
Customer Service Rep

Hello VAS4. We know the importance of ensuring you have reliable service in your area. I'm truly sorry to learn that you're not able to make consistent calls while in your new home. Here's a link to our Network Extender for your review: https://www.verizon.com/support/4g-lte-network-extender-faqs/. An LTE Network Extender enhances your indoor and 4G LTE data and voice coverage to provide better service for your 4G LTE mobile devices. It's an extension of our 4G LTE network that's placed directly in your home or office. The LTE Network Extender works with all Verizon-sold 4G LTE mobile devices for 4G LTE data service and HD Voice-capable 4G LTE devices for voice service.