Poor Signal slow internet

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I was wondering if it is possible to get a signal booster to speed up the internet around the location I work. I currently work on Fort Eustis, VA and can not even get a text out in the buildings I work. Who can I contact about getting this fixed and speed up our service. Everyone who has verizon is having the same issues as I am have. This is not a isolated issue on the base I am working on and if someone needs to be contacted it is almost impossible. 

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Re: Poor Signal slow internet
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thekillercajun, a Network Extender acts like a mini cell tower, and is used an an in-home solution, if coverage is not optimal inside. Take a look at the device here: http://spr.ly/66081dCnq. It does require high speed internet connection: http://spr.ly/66001dCns. You can speak with us over the phone at 800-922-0204 for questions about getting a Network Extender shipped to you. As for the area, I did not find any reported issues. Do you have any issues with calls or text messages as well?     EricaG_VZW