Poor and inconsistent LTE performance on iPhone XR

I have been having as of late problems with my iPhone XR.  It has been very inconsistent in LTE performance.  At the same location I can get good speeds (40 MB/Sec) to poor speeds (1 MB/sec).  But others I consistently get very poor LTE speeds ( about .04 MB/sec ).  Where I consistently get poor speeds is at the local Chick Filet, where I am unable to use the app when doing curbside pickup.  Only once I have been able to use the app, because I happen to be close to their WIFI signal.  I also had instances where I can't receive phone calls (they go to voicemail) nor can I send or receive SMS text messages.  I have done a network reset on my phone several times.  This is getting old and reseting the phone does not help at all.  Is there a reliability issue with the XR and Verizon Wireless?  I also find it interesting that I am experiencing these issues in conjunction with Verizon's 5G rollout.

I finding it to be too expensive to replace my phone for a new phone at this point.  Would like some idea whether there are other iPhone models that have better and more consistent performance on the Verizon Wireless network.  I am not interested in getting the iPhone 12.  Costs too much.


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