Poor outgoing call quality

I had been experiencing horrific call quality (the other end had trouble hearing me) for as long as I remember. However, back in March when I started working from home I upgraded to an 11 Pro to fix the issue. I am STILL having the problems and I chalked it down to the location and speaker phone. However, I just witnessed my partner have NO issue speaking to someone on speaker. They could hear him no issue even when talking across the room.

So I just went into the same room to test it out with my partner who was in another room. I could hear loud and clear, but he had issues hearing me. I need to know how to fix this ASAP.

I've reset network settings, upgraded phones, and have done everything. I heard there is a possibility that when I restored from a backup off of my old phone, it could have downloaded the same bug that caused the issue before. 

I’m even connected to WiFi with WiFi calling on (same as my partner) with Fios.


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