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I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and have been a Verizon wireless customer almost 25 years now. With the current situation with the pandemic I see patients at least 5-6 days per week now with at least two days from home using Medical Zoom. I have a lot of patients who are very ill but especially ill nowadays. 

I lived in my current home for approximately 7 years and have always had horrific service from Verizon but just chalked it up to network connection etc. When I started to see patients from home, I decided to get an upgrade from Xfinity to get more secure internet and also update my cellular extender as well from Verizon because with the old one we were still getting poor reception.

So when I started to work from home I updated my WiFi service to XFi for more security for my patients info and instructed Verizon we were still having difficulty. They informed me that my old extender needed updating and but then after arguing back and forth and then speaking to a supervisor they gave me a new network extender. 

Long story short, due to a serious thunderstorm in the metro Atlanta area on this past Thursday night I have been without internet and have had to go up the ladder with that but also am also without adequate cell service, can’t answer my patients emails and can’t get text messages unless I drive to the end of the subdivision or find somewhere in the home near a window where I can possibly get service. Can’t even use my phone as a hot spot because there is poor reception.

Called Verizon last night and a young man from Tier 2 level in the network extender department told me “this has been going on for years, what’s different now and you have to do what is best for you if you go somewhere else”. If my patient was one of his family members, he would have thought differently.

Here’s the thing, I have to keep patients info secure so I cannot go to Starbucks and use their WiFi but I should also be able to use my phone from my phone as a hot spot to take care of the people that I have sworn to dedicate my life to. 

Since that young man’s attitude was so terrible and I mentioned to him I have been a customer for nearly 25 years, I have decided to go up the corporate ladder. Verizon is supposed to be the most reliable service in the US and here I am standing at the end of my driveway trying to communicate and at times the post freezes. Wow!!!

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Re: Poor reception
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Staceym67, thank you for your patience. We would also like the opportunity to thank you for everything you do for our communities. This has not been an easy time for anyone, especially for those who work in the medical field. So, thank you for being there for all of us in these times of need. Being in the medical field it's essential for you to have service and stay connected for your patience. Usually, if there is a severe weather impact, this can also affect your cellphone service. However, we would love to check out your account and help in any way we can. We will send you a private note to further assist.