Poorest Service Ever
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Called on 2/20 about a $30 monthly discount for iphone 11 explained to me in the V store.  In order to obtain it I had to purchase gigabyte Int Access at $40 per month plus a $150 service fee.  This call went ~1.5 hours with the rep explaining their system was down, she couldn't see the offer and she would call me back in 20 mins....never did.  On 2/21 I called again put on hold for 23 mins where i had to provide my info 3 xs  to different reps with the last one disconnecting the call after I gave him my info.  I am moving my phones, internet a TV to other providers.  We spend ~$7500 per year, but you clearly don't care about your customers.   Your service terrible

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Re: Poorest Service Ever
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Verizon stopped caring a good while ago.  They put all of their money into marketing that they have the best network and it was successful.  Early on they used local business to become "Verizon Partners" to push their product and it worked.  Now they have no need to be customer friendly.  They have had my money hostage for 2 weeks with no end in sight.  Good luck, but don't expect Verizon to care.  As it was said in "Black Panther" .... "we don't do that here".