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I purchased 5 new lines with 5 new phones in store on May 5th. 4 of the line were ported successfully, one was not. I went back to the store and they said to wait about 1 hour. Couple hours later went back and they said to wait until 12. Next day (6th) I called in early and got a representative who told me that the port of the number was successful, however it was stuck in limbo. He tried to figure out was was going on but could not help me, he escalated it and gave me a ticket number. He said worst case scenario 24hrs. This was about 6am on the 6th.

On the 7th I called in again asking for an update and no one is able to tell me anything. I kept getting bounced from the port team to tech support and no one is telling me anything except to wait for another 24hrs.  

Different representatives from the port team keep telling me different things.. one says  my phone number does not appear in their system nor does my device, another says it's there just shows up as pending. Everytime I call I get a different response. 

Now it is the 8th of May. And I have no idea what is going on. I ask on the status of the ticket number and am not provided any details. I am extremely frustrated at this point. I understand that problems happen, however I expected this to be resolved in a timely manner, or to at the very least be provided with updates in the case. I am left wondering what is going on and when/ if it will ever be fixed.

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Re: Port number stuck
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First and foremost, thank you for porting your phone numbers to Verizon. After reviewing the feedback you've provided here, we certainly want to ensure that we're able to successfully port each of your phone numbers to Verizon and we apologize for the inconvenience you're experiencing. We've also noted your reference that a ticket number has been assigned to your account for this matter. Let's work together to get this matter resolved. Verizon takes protecting our customer’s personal and account information very seriously. Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic: