Pre-Ordered two phones at the sametime only one came

I pre-ordered 2 galaxy z flip 5 phones on 08/06/2023. One shipped and was delivered on 08/10/2023. The other is still showing as ordered, not shipped, expected delivery 08/11/2023.  I can not get my delivered phone because the other phone is pending. The week before this we had an issue with out 3rd line and a sim card was sent when we told them NO! Causing that line to lock up because of a pending order!

This has been such a headache! When will my 2nd pre-ordered phone be shipped so we can be done with this. (We have been in the Verizon store and on the phone x 9 days in the past 2 weeks).

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Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to make sure that everything is squared away with your order, and would be happy to provide an update. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note to better assist.